Learning Dermatology in five steps. Instruction for using the interactive tools of DOIT efficiently.

DOLFING is Dermatology Online Learning With Fun

DOIT is an interactive, systematic and case-oriented, multilingual online e-learning platform for undergraduate students in Medicine. Its modular structure follows the physiologic stepwise learning process of learning, excersising, testing with learning games, feedback and repitition with short podcasts and access to documents of your home Medical School.

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Das WebBook ist die Printvariante der Cyberlecture. Dieses Taschenbuch ist mit sehr vielen Farbabbildungen ausgestattet. Das WebBook kannst Du bestellen bei Amazon.



The MEDIDA-PRIX was a very competitive media-didactical University price for digital media in higher education. It was sponsored by ministries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and was organized 1999-2009 annually by the Gesellschaft für Medien in der Wissenschaft.


The European Dermatology Forum (EDF) and the DOIT-Association are non-profit organizations, which cooperate in order to foster harmonization of undergraduate Dermatology training in Europe.

Hipokrates - E-Learning

The film takes us on a journey through two and a half thousand years of the teaching and learning of medicine. Printing, colour photography and modern information and communication technology are milestones in the conveyance of the exponentially increasing and rapidly changing knowledge available on this path. “Blended learning” is the magic formula which successfully makes the most of this situation and creates a dynamic, interactive system of learning in which, in addition to traditional teaching methods such as lectures, courses and bedside teaching, also self-responsible learning in the internet (e-learning), available anywhere and at any time, comes to the fore.

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So far university users have been able to access domestic web services with an AAI- password. From now on, through eduGAIN they can also access resources in a Network of European Universities.
The «godfathers» of DOIT with two students: technical coordinator Vahid Djamei and Prof. Günter Burg (from l. to r.).

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Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology (DOIT)

History of Doit

Profile of Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology (DOIT)

Acting Officers 2015

Günter Burg, M.D., Zürich, Founding Editor,
Peter Itin, M. D., Basel, Chief Coordinator
Lars French, M.D., Zürich, President EDF, Chairman oft he DOIT-Leading House
Harald Gollnick, M.D., Magdeburg, Undergraduate Training Managing Board oft he EDF
Martine Bagot, M.D., Paris, Undergraduate Training Managing Board oft he EDF
Peter Schmid, M.D., Zürich, IFD Contact
Vahid Djamei, IT (SWISS4WARD)





The 1st, 2nd and 3rd versions of DOIT was a web-based proprietary program, worked out by Vahid Djamei and Arpage, Zürich. It was based on the lecture documents of Günter  Burg, written in HTML by Reto Schaffner, M.D., Zürich.
The 4th version of DOIT is a web-based platform using the Java-based Content Management System of Magnolia.The Platform supports two types of authentication / authorization, user and role management: simple and federated, based on the Federated-SSO standard called  Shibboleth. DOIT Mobile is based on Appcelerator Framfork. Game Design: P Vuarnoz, SP Walz, U Rigonalli, School of Art & Design and ETH, Zürich.


Swiss Virtual Campus-Projekt #991017 (2000-2006); Swiss Universities; Baugarten-Foundation, Zurich; Georg and Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker-Foundation, Zurich; Ernst Göhner Foundation , Zurich





1 EDF: Martine Bagot, Paris; Lars French, Zürich; Harald Gollnick, Magdeburg; John McGrath, London;
2 DOIT: Günter Burg, Zürich; Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, Zürich; Lars French, Zürich; Vahid Djamei, Zürich. The DOIT Association is the owner and copyright holder of the DOIT platform
3 Delegates oft he National European Societies (28)
4 Assigned by the EDF Board (3-5)
5 Founding Unversities; Zürich (Leading House), Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Zürich Triemli and Jena

Statistics 2015

26'000 registred users from 160 Universities in 60 countries

© Copyright 2018 by G. Burg and CYBERDERM Editorial Group - Founding Editor Guenter Burg, M.D.  - Concept and Coordination by Vahid Djamei, Zurich